Dentures are an important investment that protect the missing spaces in your teeth by preventing bone loss as well as assisting you with chewing and speaking.

Your dentures can last a long time if you take care of them properly. Here are a few basic tips to help:

Handle with Care

Dentures can fracture or crack if you drop them, which is why we recommend folding a towel over your sink or at least putting a bath mat on your floor to soften the fall if you drop them on the floor.

Dentures can also warp if they come into contact with hot water, so remember to not hold them under a running tap of hot water or leave them to soak in hot water. Always use lukewarm or cold water when submersing your dentures.

Brush with a Denture Brush, Not a Toothbrush

A denture brush is a soft-bristled brush that is tapered to reach hard-to-reach places. The bristles are softer than your normal toothbrush, and will not scratch the plastic of your dentures.

If you use a toothbrush, you will leave very small, almost invisible scratches in the plastic which will become harbours for bacteria. This is unsanitary but may also cause your dentures to smell.
Liquid soap is great for cleaning your denture, with regular use of a denture cleaning tablet if staining is a problem, but ensure that you follow the instructions on the packet. For further advice please give us a call.

Don’t Let Your Dentures Dry Out

Dentures should be kept moist so when you’re not wearing them, it’s important to keep them in a damp environment to prevent them from losing their shape and drying out.

If your dentures have metal attachments, there is a possibility they may tarnish, so be sure to talk to Oakview Dental to find out the best practice for your individual dentures.
Dentures need special care but with appropriate cleaning and storing your dentures can last for many years.

At Oakview Dental, we offer the following Denture Services, should you need any help with repairs, additions, relines or deep cleaning:

Denture Repairs – We are able to repair most dentures. Many of the repairs can be done without taking impressions. For more complicated repairs, an impression may be needed.

Denture Additions – We are able to add missing teeth onto your acrylic or chrome denture. An impression maybe required, please contact us for advice.

Relines – The pink portion of your denture (known as its base) rests on the gum tissue left where you have lost your teeth. It is very important to the function and comfort of your denture for that part of the base that contacts the gum to do so securely. If it does not, your denture will not fit your mouth as well as it could, causing instability and irritation. Relining your denture is a relatively simple process whereby a new fitting surface is created. Dentures usually need to be relined every 3-5 years, or as your gums or mouth change and your current dentures become loose.

Denture Cleaning – Regular and professional denture cleaning effectively removes the stubborn build-up of tartar, bacteria plaque and all manner of stains and markings created by food and drink. Your newly cleaned dentures will be free from tartar, bacteria, odours and stains, will have a smoother surface and will in general, last you longer.

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