Denture Repairs

With our on-site Laboratory we have the expertise and facilities to restore your denture back to its original condition.

Denture Repairs – We are able to repair most dentures. Many of the repairs can be done without taking impressions.  For more complicated repairs, an impression may be needed.

Denture Additions – We are able to add missing teeth onto your acrylic or chrome denture. An impression maybe required, please contact us for advice.

Relines – The pink portion of your denture (known as its base) rests on the gum tissue left where you have lost your teeth. It is very important to the function and comfort of your denture for that part of the base that contacts the gum to do so securely. If it does not, your denture will not fit your mouth as well as it could, causing instability and irritation. Relining your denture is a relatively simple process whereby a new fitting surface is created. Dentures usually need to be relined every 3-5 years, or as your gums or mouth change and your current dentures become loose.

Denture Cleaning – Regular and professional denture cleaning effectively removes the stubborn build-up of tartar, bacteria plaque and all manner of stains and markings created by food and drink.  Your newly cleaned dentures will be free from tartar, bacteria, odours and stains, will have a smoother surface and will in general, last you longer.